Hi, I’m Gent!

Gent Ukehajdaraj

I help businesses grow online by using creative digital marketing strategies. I’ve also taken the plunge into entrepreneurship myself a long time ago and I’ve loved it ever since.

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More about me:

– Learned how to create websites and do internet marketing at a very young age.

– Made myself financially independent as a teenager by making money from site ads, selling leads, and offering services.

– Took a gap year from university. Traveled a bit. Found out what I really wanted from life.

– Got hired by respected local and international marketing agencies to do search engine optimization and work on some awesome projects.

– Put together a team of creatives and founded Speedway Interactive, LLC, a digital marketing agency focused on results-based growth strategies.

Currently, I manage (read: annoy) my team and handle agency operations, create and maintain online ventures, and blog about anything that comes to my mind. All this under the influence of good classic rock music.

Feel free to tweet me a hello (@GentUkehajdaraj) or send me an email here.