I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Prishtina, Kosovo, experienced in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Online Entrepreneurship.

Basically, I help awesome people promote their businesses and ideas on the internet, bringing them more online presence, reaching a wider target audience and generating more traffic and profit, all by analyzing, planing and implementing creative internet marketing and SEO strategies.

I've had the chance to work closely with many creative professionals in the digital marketing industry in order to find and test the best strategies that bring remarkable results for clients of all sorts.

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Gent Ukehajdaraj


Website SEO and CRO Audits

On-page and Off-page SEO audits to see if your website is crawled, indexed and ranked properly by the search engines and specific advice on how to fix certain SEO issues. Conversion Rate Optimization audits to find the flaws in your conversion process and suggestions on how to improve the conversion rate.

Content Strategy and Creative Link Building

Great content will make your brand stand out from your competitors, attract more loyal followers, backlinks, and social mentions. The produced content will be followed by creative link building using different methods and strategies of acquiring links from relevant and authoritative websites through manual outreach.

Social Media Strategy and Viral Marketing

Social Media is easily the most adopted channel for internet marketing purposes and it's the best way to maintain a loyal brand-customer connection, but it's often not approached in a way that can bring long-term results. Likes and tweets don't matter if they don't equal more revenue. That's why a well-thought strategy is needed. Viral marketing campaigns are created and developed to send the word out to the masses and to attract real followers via interesting content that gets spread organically.

Digital Marketing Consulting and Growth Hacking

I'm willing to share my experience and skills to help your business perform better and expand your client base online. I've been involved in developing digital marketing strategies for all kinds of clients, from smaller companies starting their online presence from scratch to larger businesses with an already established follower base.

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