One Little Free Tool that Helps a Ton When Doing Outreach

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My Outreach Problem

Based on my personal experience, I can imagine how hard it is for an SEO consultant to start from scratch and build links without having a budget for online tool subscriptions such as Open Site Explorer, MajesticSEO or Ahrefs.

Beginners are forced to try cheaper methods and use free tools to achieve their goals if they wish to see some modest success in their outreach campaigns. Sure you can use the free 30 day trials offered by the tools mentioned above, but that’s temporary and you’ll get stuck at some point one way or another.

During my time as an SEO, while doing email outreach for backlinks, I’ve found that I need a tool that crawls the source page in a given list of URLs and searches for a specific hyperlink if it’s in one of those websites in the list.

I do a lot of outreach for my clients in websites that I think are relevant and authoritative, many times I get a positive response telling me that they have included the link in their website, other times they tell me that it’s not possible for them to link to me. But more often than not it occurs that websites include my link but don’t inform me at all. So, I don’t know if I’ve had success in getting new backlinks unless I check the websites manually myself.

But when you have a list containing hundreds of potential websites that could link to you in any given time it gets a bit hard to check all the links manually. And I did mention that tool subscriptions are quite expensive to use them just for this simple task.


I have failed to find a free tool that has been built just for this purpose even though the idea is not a new one and probably many SEOs could use a tool like this. But what I’ve found is an online tool that was created for the purpose of validating your backlinks that could be used to check if contacted webmasters have included your link in the desired page.

The tool is called BacklinkValidator.Net and can be used online without having to install it on your computer. Most probably the people in the industry haven’t heard of this one tool yet as it seems quite new, so I’ll just make a simple overview on how to use it.

backlink validator

So you basically add your website or your client’s website on the first field. This is the URL that you’ve requested other webmasters to add in their websites by doing email outreach. Remember: You only need to write down your root domain URL, it will find the inner pages if they link to them as well. Which is really an awesome feature since webmasters can link to a deeper page of your website and not the root domain.

Backlink Validator

And, of course, in the Backlink URLs field you add the list of the URLs that you’ve contacted and that you expect a link from. You can add up to 500 URLs each time.

The list will open in the next page if the URLs that you add in the Backlink URLs field are under 30, or the report will come to your email if it’s a bigger list because that takes more server work time. After the server processes and crawls the source pages of the websites, it will look something like this:

Backlink Validator

So if it finds a link at one of the URLs from the list, it will tell you the Pagerank, Anchor URL, Anchor Text and the Dofollow/Nofollow tag. And at the top you can see the date of the report, in how many URLs is your backlink included, the option to download it as a txt, csv or pdf file, and the option to send the report to your email.

Piece of cake!

Again very simple and straight-forward tool that was created for a different purpose but we can use it to help us check our outreached websites for potential backlinks. It saved me tons of time and it will definitely be useful to any SEO, beginner or advanced.